Bum’s Restaurant, Ayden, North Carolina

I’ve never been to Bum’s.  It’s on the True ‘Cue list of North Carolina places that cook with wood, so it’s on my to-eat list, but it’s in the same town as the Skylight Inn, and just down the road from B’s and Sam Jones’. My nephew, Jimbo Tanner and his son, Jack (a.k.a. the new, much-improved John Tanner) stopped in while on a successful … Continue reading Bum’s Restaurant, Ayden, North Carolina

Smoke BBQ, Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a truly lovely city.  The historic district may be the prettiest urban place in the United States.  These days that means lots of money is coming into Charleston, and the gentrified areas are is expanding.  That’s wonderful for the city’s tax base, but it’s not really the best environment for barbecue. But stylishly-named Smoke gets a lot of love for its barbecue, and … Continue reading Smoke BBQ, Charleston, South Carolina

Garden and Gun Fried Chicken Bucket List

Garden and Gun blesses us with a bucket list of good fried chicken places. I really like fried chicken.  My mother, Dear, used to cut up whole chickens and pan-fry them, and make milk gravy in the pan drippings.  Served over rice, usually with Le Sueur petit pois (this was the ’50s), it made perhaps my favorite meal.  I especially liked to gnaw the neck … Continue reading Garden and Gun Fried Chicken Bucket List

Pecan Lodge, Dallas, Texas

Texas Monthly rates the Pecan Lodge in the Deep Ellum section Dallas as one of the 50 best barbecue places in Texas.  Actually, with the subtlety and humility for which Texas is known, they rate it as one the 50 best barbecue places in the world, all of the top 50 being in Texas. Our intrepid Senior Roving Reporter, Doug Jacobson (better known as the Kansas … Continue reading Pecan Lodge, Dallas, Texas

Dinosaur Barbecue, Syracuse, New York

While I was lounging by the pool in Palm Beach Shores (the poor section of Palm Beach) in January, I met Lou Cella.  I had on an Alabama cap — always a good conversation starter — and Lou will be instructing at a football camp in Tuscaloosa this Spring.  The conversation naturally turned to ribs.  Lou had been to Tuscaloosa before — he coaches at … Continue reading Dinosaur Barbecue, Syracuse, New York

Environmental Minute: Invasive Species

Wild boars — or wild pigs, or, if you’re from Arkansas, Razorbacks — are multiplying rapidly across the United States and causing a lot of problems.  They now do over $1.5 billion of damage to crops, forests, and neighborhoods each year, up from $800 million a year in 2000.  Once confined to the South, they are now in 35 states, including Hawaii (they apparently are … Continue reading Environmental Minute: Invasive Species

Helen’s Bar-B-Q, Brownsville, Tennessee

The Southern Foodways Alliance (click on the link) has made a film about Helen Turner, the pit master, owner, and everything else at Helen’s Bar-B-Q in Brownsville, Tennessee.  Ms. Helen makes barbecue the way barbecue should be made: in a  pit over wood coals — hickory and oak, in her case.  She serves pork shoulders, ribs, chicken, Polish sausage, and bologna.  I’ve never been to Helen’s, but … Continue reading Helen’s Bar-B-Q, Brownsville, Tennessee