Bill’s Barbeque Review — Atlanta, Georgia

December 12, 2013:

A followup on Atlanta having more barbecue places per capita than anywhere else in the US – even Birmingham – from noted barbecue expert and ISS classmate, Bill Edmundson. Bill notes that —
“Quantity v quality” has to be considered. Atlanta is trend city, and the carpetbaggers love to think they’re connoisseurs. What passes for “‘cue” around here is depressing. My oldest favorite is the Old South in Smyrna. I haven’t been there in a while, so I’m not certain it’s still open. New but good is Heirloom Barbecue on Arnold Mill Road. It has some distracting Korean stuff on the menu that is easily ignored. Farther out of town: Williamson Bros has two locations, and is the real deal. Dreamland has a couple of locations closer in. There is a place called Amos’s that is halfway to Dalhonega, but it is really good.
It’s here. But it’s not where they think it is. The Southern Pride quick-smokers have nearly killed Southern barbecue. It’s quick and convenient and I suspect that most of what passes for barbecue in Atlanta is quick-cooked on a Southern Pride rotisserie and basted with some kind of liquid smoke essence.”

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