Midwood Smokehouse, Charlotte, North Carolina

October 27, 2013:

If you are ever in Charlotte, definitely go to the Midwood Smokehouse. The barbecue is delicious – good smoky flavor.  This is good wood-cooked barbecue, which Charlotte desperately needs.

I had the pork and sampled the brisket and sausage, and I enjoyed it all. And the skillet corn was the best I’ve had in years. The fried dill pickles are slices rather than wedges, as they should be, and they also have bacon-wrapped jalapenos as an appetizer. I really enjoyed them, but some folks found them too spicy.

Midwood is an upscale place by barbecue standards, as you can tell from the art. They have a good selection of craft beers and even have a gluten-free menu, which is eerily similar to the regular menu, but without bread (or fried pickles).
Note – my judgment may be affected by the fact that I was with a crowd of cousins I don’t see nearly often enough — all lovely and funny people.

John Tanner's Barbecue Page's photo.

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