My Top Barbecue Places

May 22, 2015:

David Boyd has asked for my top 5 barbecue places. Fair enough, although I don’t think you can really compare different styles of barbecue — Texas vs, North Carolina, for example. They are as different as, well, beef and pork. And, my life’s work being far from completed, I haven’t been to a lot of very highly rated places. I haven’t been to Memphis in years.

But here are a few places I like a lot–

Alabama – Saw’s, Archibald’s, the original Golden Rule, Miss Myra’s, FullMoon (hold the sauce), and Jim ‘N Nick’s.

North Carolina – Wilber’s, Lexington No .1, The Pit, Midwood Smokehouse, and Parker’s — if only for the corn sticks.

Texas – City Market, Snow’s, Kreuz Market, the Rudy’s in Waco, and Cousin’s.

Arkansas – The Dixie Pig and that other place in Blytheville, and McClard’s.

 John Tanner’s Barbecue Page: Liza Tanner, Dreamland has great ribs, but Archibald’s….. And there are a whole lot of great BBQ places in Alabama that aren’t in a top 5. Sally’s Smokin’ Butt comes to mind.

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