Wiley’s — Savannah, Georgia

January 16, 2014:

Good place.

We had lunch at Wiley’s in Savannah. The pork was very good — smoky and moist, with a good pork flavor. The macaroni and cheese and the sweet potato casserole also were very good, as was the fried okra appetizer (sic). I heard good comments about the baked beans, but baked beans always strike me as a waste of time, so I didn’t try them. Thumbs down on the coleslaw. The potato salad was ok.
They call their sauce “Better than Sex Sauce.”  It isn’t. There is the original and a spicy version, which isn’t, and a “Mountain Sauce”, which looks like a vinegar sauce but is curiously sweet — not what you want with pork.  Never mind — the pork can stand on its own and the sauces don’t distract, as often is the case.

Wiley? Championship BBQ, voted Best Savannah Barbecue (2010, 2011) and Best BBQ Ribs (2011) in Savannah Magazine.

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