My Top Barbecue Places

May 22, 2015: David Boyd has asked for my top 5 barbecue places. Fair enough, although I don’t think you can really compare different styles of barbecue — Texas vs, North Carolina, for example. They are as different as, well, beef and pork. And, my life’s work being far from completed, I haven’t been to a lot of very highly rated places. I haven’t been … Continue reading My Top Barbecue Places

Ranking The Best Barbecue Joints in the DC Area

May 22, 2015: Mike Boyd came across this in the Washington Post. My experience with DC barbecue has not been good — and the photograph with the article looks like really dry brisket — but I need to try DCity Smokehouse. I had a bad experience with Hill Country, but then went to a Texas group event there and it was really good. And maybe … Continue reading Ranking The Best Barbecue Joints in the DC Area

Ultimate Barbecue Bracket

March 18, 2015: I have not been to all of these — yet — and note that not all of them are really barbecue places. (Ted Peters’ sells no barbecue at all, and pit beef (best served rare) is not barbecue.) Some of the omissions — Archibald’s, City Market, Wilber’s — are shocking. It will get down to apples and oranges choices, such as between … Continue reading Ultimate Barbecue Bracket

EPA Pollution Emissions and Backyard Barbecues

March 18, 2015: Two things: 1. Cold dead hands 2. Putting tin foil on an uncovered grill defers the whole point of grilling. Sheesh!…/lawmaker-calls-for-rebellion-agai…/ Lawmaker calls for a rebellion against EPA pollution emissions for backyard barbecues State Senator Eric Schmitt is calling for a #porksteakrebellion. FOXNEWS.COM Continue reading EPA Pollution Emissions and Backyard Barbecues

The Year of Alabama Barbecue, Part 2

March 8, 2015: The Year of Alabama Barbecue will feature these barbecue places. I have only been to 23. So many places, so little time. Albertville, Wilsons’s; Anniston, Betty’s; Argo, Southland; Athens, Lawlers; Auburn, Byron’s Smokehouse, Price’s Barbecue; Bessemer, Bob Sykes BarB-Q; Billingsley, Jim’s Highway 82 BBQ; Birmingham, Full Moon Bar-B-Que, Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q, Rib-It-Up; Blount Springs, Top Hat; Calera, Fred’s Small Time, Tin … Continue reading The Year of Alabama Barbecue, Part 2