Currituck BBQ in Barco, North Carolina

March 5, 2015: Here’s a travel tip from Kelly Burke Jennings of Norfolk for those headed to the Outer Banks. It looks good, and a pork plate with two sides and hush puppies is under $10–and they have both banana pudding and sweet potato casserole. They also offer fried chicken gizzards for those of us who love them. Currituck BBQ – Currituck BBQ specialize … Continue reading Currituck BBQ in Barco, North Carolina

The Smokehouse in Hilton Head, South Carolina

March 5, 2015: The Smokehouse on Hilton Head is a spacious sports bar with a large beer selection, lots of TVs, steaks and seafood along with standard bar food, along with smoked meats and what they call barbecue. It illustrates the difference between smoked meat and barbecue. Smoking involves cooking meat slowly over indirect heat. ¬†Barbecue, properly considered, is cooked slowly over an open pit. … Continue reading The Smokehouse in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Bullies BBQ in Hilton Head, South Carolina

March 4, 2015: I have often driven past Bullies in Hilton Head but have never seen smoke coming out of it — or had not until this trip. Entranced, Nancy and I abandoned the many February Buy One Get One offers at other restaurants and pulled into Bullies. It is well situated on 278, next to a gas station and a Red Roof Inn — … Continue reading Bullies BBQ in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Bluffton (South Carolina) Barbecue

March 3, 2015: Our trip to Hilton Head began with disaster: ice storms had brought Wilson, NC, to a standstill, and both Parker’s and Bill’s were closed. We soldiered on, however, and on a day trip to Bluffton went to the eponymous Bluffton Barbecue. A negative first impression (they are in a new building decorated to look old) was overcome by a remarkable policy. Lacking … Continue reading Bluffton (South Carolina) Barbecue

The Barbecue Sandwich Deconstructed

February 18, 2015: The name, Jimbo Tanner, is known to purveyors of barbecue across North Carolina, and he is a recognized expert in where to get good barbecue in the Tarheel State. In a philosophical mood, he shares this from Our State: The Barbecue Sandwich, Deconstructed A short treatise on love, buns, sauce, and that other mythical (chopped, sliced, pulled) stuff. OURSTATE.COM Continue reading The Barbecue Sandwich Deconstructed

Bubba’s SmokeHouse BBQ in La Jolla, California

January 30, 2015: Bubba’s SmokeHouse BBQ in La Jolla doesn’t look like much from the outside. The building is newish and kind of stylish in its way, and Bubba’s sits between a bank and a jeweler. It is not, to say the least, a typical barbecue setting. And Bubba looks and carries himself for all the world like he is from New Jersey– in a … Continue reading Bubba’s SmokeHouse BBQ in La Jolla, California

Rebel BBQ in Blythe, California

January 26, 2015: There aren’t many dining options between Phoenix and Palm Springs, and I was hopeful to learn of the Rebel BBQ in Blythe, just over the line from Arizona, and its 4.5 rating on Yelp. Curiously, the comments mainly heaped praise on their pastrami, but they also tout their brisket and pulled pork. I got the brisket and Nancy, always a team player, … Continue reading Rebel BBQ in Blythe, California