Barbecue in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – NC side #2

The National Parks Gang also went to the Barbecue Wagon in Bryson City.  From the outside it looks like a pretty standard barbecue place.

bbq wagon exterior1

The interior is not standard.

bbq wagon nc decorbbq wagon decor2bbq wagon nc decor pigs

You can tell that Bryson City is a tourist destination.  The menu prices tell that Bryson City is small town America.  A  grilled cheese sandwich for $2.49 is a sign of national greatness.  So is a foot long corn dog.

BBQ wagon menu

Perhaps overcome by the decor, the National Parks Gang was unable to remember what they had or how it tasted.  The photographic record indicates that the pork was served with a typical North Carolina mince.  The sauce is a little disturbing.  The slaw looks good, and five is an appropriate number of hush puppies.   Nothing good ever comes of eating more than five hush puppies.  Believe me.  I know.

bbq wagon nc plate


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