Conecuh Sausage

I love Conecuh Sausage.  It is the best smoked sausage I have ever had, and I have had some really good smoked sausage, including some truly great Polish smoked sausage.  But Conecuh Sausage is my favorite.  There’s even a Conecuh Sausage Fan Club. They serve Conecuh Sausage for breakfast in the concierge lounge at the Renaissance in Montgomery, so I’ve had some every day for breakfast … Continue reading Conecuh Sausage

Sam’s Bar-B-Q, Montgomery, Alabama

UPDATE:  Sam’s , alas, has closed.   After the hearing in our redistricting case, we went to Sam’s for lunch.   Sam’s is in a non-descript shopping center on the Atlanta Highway east of downtown Montgomery.   I don’t associate barbecue places with shopping centers, but Sam’s is in a separate building and the shopping center itself has seen better days.  Sam’s looks like a … Continue reading Sam’s Bar-B-Q, Montgomery, Alabama

Dreamland, Montgomery, Alabama

Dreamland is justifiably famous for its ribs.  The original is in Tuscaloosa, just off Jug Factory Road, right before you get to the Fresh Anointing Church of God, and it had wonderful ribs and not much else.  They served ribs and white bread and sauce.  And beer and potato chips.  It was a must stop for the TV announcers for Alabama football games, and they … Continue reading Dreamland, Montgomery, Alabama

Jack Cobb and Son, Farmville, North Carolina

After eating an early lunch at Grady’s I headed north and stopped at Wilber’s to pick up some peaches and tomatoes and boil’ peanuts at the farm stand outside and grab a quick sandwich to go.  I then wandered north over back roads to Farmville, where Jack Cobb and Son have a place that cooks with wood. That’s the smokehouse behind the truck. Jack Cobb’s … Continue reading Jack Cobb and Son, Farmville, North Carolina

Grady’s BBQ, outside Dudley, NC

To get to Grady’s you travel for miles through fields of cotton, peanuts and tobacco, past an occasional house, a country store, or cluster of farm buildings.  It is open country, real farm country.  It is beautiful in its way, bright with nostalgia.  Then, as you round a bend, Grady’s suddenly appears at a crossroads, lonely and shining white in the sun. You really have … Continue reading Grady’s BBQ, outside Dudley, NC

Interlude – Kinston, North Carolina

My original plan was to stay in Kinston and have dinner at King’s, home of the Pig in a Pup – a barbecue sandwich served in a giant hush puppy.  After two large lunches, however, the prospect of a Pig in a Pup was not quite as appealing as it had been during the planning stage.  So I bought some peaches, muscadines and scuppernongs and … Continue reading Interlude – Kinston, North Carolina

Skylight Inn – Ayden, North Carolina

The first thing you notice about the Skylight Inn is the unconventional architecture. Then you notice the sign. I got there late – about 1:30 – having dawdled around digesting lunch #1 at B’s.  That’s a dangerous time to try a barbecue place, especially in a rural area where people tend to eat early.  Frequently the meat will have sat around for a while and … Continue reading Skylight Inn – Ayden, North Carolina

B’s Barbecue, Greenville North Carolina

B’s Barbecue is real good.  It is real, real good. Having completed the brief  in my redistricting case, and still upset over the travesty of the Pitmasters “Carolina” pork sandwich, I decided to take a quick trip to Eastern North Carolina to get some real barbecue and to try some places off my usual route to the beach. (We always stop for lunch at Parker’s … Continue reading B’s Barbecue, Greenville North Carolina

Pitmasters Back Alley Barbecue, Washington DC

I was working on a brief so Nancy went to pick up some barbecue at Pitmasters (no apostrophe).  The place is new – they’ve only been open 4 months and just started opening for lunch.  It is in the alley behind Wagshall’s, a grocery and a deli in the Spring Valley neighborhood of Washington.  The prices tell you a lot about the neighborhood – $5.99 … Continue reading Pitmasters Back Alley Barbecue, Washington DC