I’ve Been to the Mountaintop – Colorado Tour de Barbecue

Hallelujah!  I had to climb a mountain but I found the best brisket in Colorado.

We climbed Vail Mountain   … well, we took the gondola up Vail Mountain and hiked for a couple of miles with wonderful views and not an excessive amount of oxygen.  We came up over a rise and THERE IT WAS.

wildwood mountaintop

Barbecue!   And a wood cooker!

wildwoood cooking

And meat cooking!

wild wood stacks

With real wood!  After all those wood pellets.

There was one problem.  They are not open during the summer.  That ski lift is only open in ski season. (I told you we walked a couple of miles.)  They would not let me have any  – and it really wasn’t ready, anyway.  They were preparing it for the Sunday Vail Farmers’ Market, so I had to wait until the next day.

I was there at 10 a.m. when the Farmers’ Market was just starting to open.  I was too early for any barbecue, but I was able to pick up some tomatoes and peaches and to reconnoiter.  In addition to barbecue, I was especially interested in booths selling lobster rolls, lobster tacos, sushi tacos (did I mention that Vail is kinda upscale), and, most interesting, fresh roasted green chilis, one of the great smells on earth.

I gathered Nancy, Liza, and Michael and we returned in time for lunch.  I had brisket, ribs and pork.  The pork and ribs were good, moist and flavorful, with the taste of real wood smoke. The brisket was really good.  The offset smokers are  best way to cook brisket, I think.  It’s hard to cook over an open pit, and beef can be pretty unforgiving.  Everyone was enthusiastic about the food.

wildwood at Vail

Go to Vail.  It is lovely in the summer.  There is music everywhere.  There are flowers everywhere.  There is art everywhere.  There are shrimp and shishito peppers at Bully’s and brussels sprouts with chorizo at Tavern on the Square.  And on Sundays, there is the best brisket in Colorado.

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