Conecuh Sausage

I love Conecuh Sausage.  It is the best smoked sausage I have ever had, and I have had some really good smoked sausage, including some truly great Polish smoked sausage.  But Conecuh Sausage is my favorite.  They serve it for breakfast in the concierge lounge at the Renaissance in Montgomery, so I’ve had some every day for breakfast when I’ve stayed there.  And you can get it, as I did, at one of the food stands at the Montgomery Biscuits ballpark.  You should.  It is smoky, well spiced, and has a nice snap.

And you should go to Evergreen, Alabama, the Conecuh County seat.  That’s where they produce the sausage.  There’s a Conecuh Sausage store there where you can buy sausage, hams and all sorts of other things.   Most of all, Evergreen is the best-smelling town in the USA.  The smell of hickory smoke permeates the city.

Conecuh County has a special place in my heart because my first start-from-scratch lawsuit was against Conecuh County, based on their failure to appoint black poll workers and the white poll workers’ mistreatment of black voters at the polls.  Bruce Higbie, the superstar who headed up the federal observer teams, was a sensational help and is a dear friend to this day.  I also had a suit against the county commission and  received an award from the local NAACP branch – a plaque and a box full of sweet potatoes, sugar cane, dandelion wine and other goodies.  Most recently I sued the City of Evergreen.  Here are some of my heroes from Conecuh County, leaders of what is easily the most effective NAACP Branch I have ever come across.

conecuh heroes

You can get Conecuh Sausage all over the South and in Michigan (lots of folks went to Michigan from Alabama back when people went to Michigan), especially at stores along 7 Mile and elsewhere in Detroit.  It also is available at military bases across the United States, which is good.  Our armed forces deserve the very best.  Find a store near you at, or order on line.

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