Most Under-rated BBQ Cities

I get Thrillist emails and have discovered that it is aimed at people who are young, hip and trendy.  I am none of those, although I used to be young.  They recently posted a list of what they consider the most under-rated barbecue cities in the US. Because Thrillist is aimed at young, hip and trendy people, they lack a laser-like focus on barbecue. … Continue reading Most Under-rated BBQ Cities

Regional barbecue styles

This is actually an above-average description of various regional styles of barbecue. Actually, there are many different styles of barbecue in almost every state, and infinite variations in the sauces used.  I’ve seen thick red sauce sin the Carolinas.  Very few places use white sauce in Alabama – it is distinctive only because hardly anyone in other states uses it (although they should).  My … Continue reading Regional barbecue styles

Barbecue in the Southeast

Bruce Higbie is a great friend.  We met in Evergreen, Alabama, on Labor Day weekend, 1982, when we were preparing to monitor a local election.  Bruce is a rock star Federal Observer, and taught me a lot about how to get the observers focused on what’s important and to record it in a way that can be used in court.  His work has been the … Continue reading Barbecue in the Southeast

Barbecue in Portland, Maine!!!

Knapp Hudson, our Senior Maine correspondent and a high school classmate — and, like his wife, Ella, an outstanding photographer (check out Stone Coast Photography) — lives in Portland, Maine, and has found some barbecue! Here’s the write-up on Salvage Barbecue – After living in Portland for 37 years we have finally eaten at a BBQ place we would return to. We’re from South Carolina … Continue reading Barbecue in Portland, Maine!!!

Clever Ruse or Foul Corruption in Barbecue?

Barbecue expert Jimbo Tanner, he who recommended B’s to me, forwarded this item from NC Governor Pat McCrory’s official page about Gov. McCrory paying off a football bet to SC Gov. Nikki Haley.* Click on the link. Note the photograph.  Does that look like North Carolina barbecue?  No.  Is that helping of  what looks like Hoisin Sauce or tar look like Eastern North Carolina … Continue reading Clever Ruse or Foul Corruption in Barbecue?

Jim and Nick’s in the Birmingham Airport

I am a big fan of the Birmingham airport.  The  rental cars are on site, there’s plenty of close-in parking when you’re picking someone up, and they have a Jim and Nick’s Barbecue restaurant on site, a Chick-fil-A if you’re in a hurry, and opportunities to get a Good People IPA.   Jim and Nicks is one of the most dependable barbecue chains around – … Continue reading Jim and Nick’s in the Birmingham Airport

Another 50 best list

Sinclair Griffin Lee, noted barbecue and hamburger expert, pointed out this list of the best barbecue places in each state. The list is certainly a good travel tool, although it’s a little depressing to think of all of those barbecue places I may never get to try.   I hope others will check out places as they can and post comments.  (That means you, … Continue reading Another 50 best list

Alabama Barbecue Legends

Alabama Public Television has performed a real public service with a series on Alabama Barbecue Legends. The team ‘legends” is used loosely.  The show is kind of daunting – there are just so many places.  At about 25 minutes, there’s a discussion of pit vs smokers which gives you  a good idea of what places will be best.  I’ve gotta get to Green Top … Continue reading Alabama Barbecue Legends