Another 50 best list

Sinclair Griffin Lee, noted barbecue and hamburger expert, pointed out this list of the best barbecue places in each state.

The list is certainly a good travel tool, although it’s a little depressing to think of all of those barbecue places I may never get to try.   I hope others will check out places as they can and post comments.  (That means you, Richard McDonough).  And the geography is a little off:  Joe’s Kansas City is in Kansas City, Missouri (the big Kansas city), not Kansas City, Kansas (the red-headed step-child Kansas City).

Some of the choices make sense – Archibald’s has the best ribs in Alabama (and the world), and the only reason I haven’t been to Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix during our winter trips there is that you have to wait in line too long in the January heat.  A lot of the list is puzzling – Backyard BBQ Pit in Durham, North Carolina does not look at all like North Carolina Barbecue, and I have a hard time believing that Hard Eight BBQ is better than the City Market in Luling, Texas.  But if I ever get near Stephenville, I’ll try it.  Other selections show an irritating preference for gimmicks that obscure the taste of the meat, like  that mess in the place in Indiana, and the idea that a place that puts pineapple on a barbecue sandwich is the best South Carolina has to offer is just plain depraved.  There are some real good barbecue places in South Carolina.  You can search earlier posts on this blog by typing in the name of a state to get reviews.

The list excludes DC, which makes sense.  DC, of course, is a colony, not a state.  Not that I’m bitter.

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