Alabama Barbecue Battle has determined the winners of its Barbecue Battle – part of the Year of Alabama Barbecue.  (Some of you may have thought it was the Year of the Snake.   Others may think that every year is the Year of Alabama Barbecue.  Or North Carolina Barbecue, or…)   I question some of their choices, but the results will steer me to the winners that I haven’t already tried or, like Lanny’s in Selma, haven’t tried in ages.

2 thoughts on “Alabama Barbecue Battle

  1. I must say that Saw’s is the best I’ve ever had. I wasn’t even hungry when we went into the Homewood locale and I still rave about it. All of it.


    1. I’m a Saw’s fan myself. (Search for review.) And I think Jim and Nick’s may well be the best chain. I haven’t been to some of the others, and love some that didn’t make it. So many places, so little time.
      Anything new in or near Charlotte? I need to get down that way, I hope some time when the Carolina In-Laws are playing.


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