Clever Ruse or Foul Corruption in Barbecue?

Barbecue expert Jimbo Tanner, he who recommended B’s to me, forwarded this item from NC Governor Pat McCrory’s official page about Gov. McCrory paying off a football bet to SC Gov. Nikki Haley.*

Click on the link. Note the photograph.  Does that look like North Carolina barbecue?  No.  Is that helping of  what looks like Hoisin Sauce or tar look like Eastern North Carolina barbecue sauce?  No. Does it look like Western North Carolina barbecue sauce?  No.  Do you see any hush puppies?  No. Is there a hint of Brunswick Stew?  No.

Did Gov. McCrory decide to Welsh** on his bet with Gov. Haley?  Did he corruptly substitute something from a chain restaurant when she had a reasonable expectation that she would receive something from Wilber’s or Lexington #1?   I would be upset.  It seems dishonorable. Has politics sunk so low that Gov. McCrory thinks he’s being clever by committing such a transparent fraud?

I haven’t found a reaction from Gov. Haley.  I imagine that a staffer either ate it himself or threw it away.

  •  Yes, I know this is a week old.  Right now, I prefer to look back on the first week of the season, and forward to next week.

**  Yes, I know this is a derogatory term based on an anti-Celt bias among Anglo-Saxons.  Being largely of Celtic (Welsh, Scots and Ulster Irish) heritage, I choose wear the term proudly and throw it in the face of our historic oppressors.

2 thoughts on “Clever Ruse or Foul Corruption in Barbecue?

  1. My apologies to Governor McCrory – although it was on the Governor’s web site, so… It could be bad staff work – picture from Lexington #1 would have been an advertisement for the state. I suspect that it’s time to shake things up.
    And I liked Midwood a lot. Also that place Eric recommended where I saw the guy who played the FBI agent in My Cousin Vinny… Bill Spoon’s.


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