Barbecue in the Southeast

Bruce Higbie is a great friend.  We met in Evergreen, Alabama, on Labor Day weekend, 1982, when we were preparing to monitor a local election.  Bruce is a rock star Federal Observer, and taught me a lot about how to get the observers focused on what’s important and to record it in a way that can be used in court.  His work has been the foundation of many successful voting rights lawsuits, and he has made a huge difference in combating racial discrimination at the polls all across the US.  Bruce is also great fun and a warm, friendly person — and he likes barbecue.  Bruce pointed me to this article in the Atlanta Constitution-

There are some familiar spots, but the one that caught my eye was Log Cabin in Blue Ridge, GA – up in Fannin County, just south of the North Carolina line.   I’m excited because it’s only a two hour drive from Highlands, North Carolina, where I may just be going to a wedding before too long.

And that Sunday in 1982 was the first day the new Atlanta airport was open.  I got off the plan for the transfer to Montgomery and thought I had landed in the wrong city.

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