Regional barbecue styles

This is actually an above-average description of various regional styles of barbecue.

Actually, there are many different styles of barbecue in almost every state, and infinite variations in the sauces used.  I’ve seen thick red sauce sin the Carolinas.  Very few places use white sauce in Alabama – it is distinctive only because hardly anyone in other states uses it (although they should).  My own preference is for sauces with a lot of vinegar and pepper (red and black) and little if any sugar.  Sugar fights against the taste of the barbecue, while the acidity of the vinegar sets off the richness of the pork.  With ribs I prefer lots of napkins and wet-wipes.   For rough-chopped or sliced sandwiches, sliced dill pickles – the hamburger dills, nothing fancy – add acidity to pork.  Chopped raw cabbage (not cole slaw, which except in Lexington adds a lot of unhelpful flavors) adds texture and a welcome note of bitterness to finely-chopped  (NC) pork sandwiches.  The pickles, onions and pickled jalapeños they serve with brisket are a stroke of genius.

I imagine I received the Lucky Peach newsletter because I entered a contest for a free trip to somewhere.  As I move toward full retirement, I spend a lot of time entering contests and unsubscribing.

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