Alabama Tour de Barbecue – The Jim and Nick’s Tour Continues

My friend Ed Still is an outstanding attorney — he’s known as the best appellate lawyer in Alabama — and a stalwart of the voting rights bar nationally.  It is always a pleasure to work with him.  We currently have a First Amendment case together and we met on it a couple of times during my most recent Alabama Tour de Barbecue.  We had dinner, as we always do, at the Jim and Nick’s in western Homewood near his office.  This is one of the older Jim and Nick’s locations, so it has gaining barbecue character that the newer locations haven’t yet earned.  It also is dependable, with none of the vagaries that affect the Birmingham Airport and Tuscaloosa locations noted in earlier posts.

Ed ordered a pork sandwich, potato salad and fruit.  Ed, too, is very dependable.


It was a good order.  Their potato salad is good and the fruit – watermelon – looked local.  Ed liked it.


I ordered the chopped Carolina-Style plate with greens and cole slaw.  (I always order their greens, but the regular reader will notice that I have been avoiding macaroni and cheese on this Tour.  There are limits.)


The Carolina-style was a switch for me, and a good one.  Their Carolina sauce is just what I like – vinegar and pepper – and goes well with the relatively fine chop.  The pork is the style from Western North Carolina in that it uses butts and shoulders, which have a lot of outside char along with the inside meat.  The whole-hog cooking in Eastern North Carolina mixes finely chopped crispy skin into the inside meat.  Both are great.

Any meal with Ed Still is a good one, but then I’ve only eaten barbecue with Ed.  From now on they will be even better, with an appetizer of sausage and a plate with the Carolina style pork.  And maybe some macaroni and cheese.

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