Barbecue for Breakfast?

Garden and Gun has a list of what they consider the best places for breakfast in the South. Take it with a grain 0f salt: for example, they don’t mention Waffle House.  They do mention one barbecue place – Southern Soul Barbecue  on St. Simon’s Island. This is not your ordinary barbecue place – or breakfast place, for that matter.  First, it is on … Continue reading Barbecue for Breakfast?

Thanksgiving Travel Guide

Many of you will be traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday and naturally you will want to eat some barbecue.  Liza Tanner Boyd shared with me this list  of what Southern Living considers the 50 best barbecue places in the South.   Of course, they aren’t the 50 best barbecue places in the South – no one can say which 50 are the best – … Continue reading Thanksgiving Travel Guide

Chap’s Pit Beef – Baltimore, Maryland

Garden and Gun has identified Chap’s Pit Beef as having the best barbecue in Maryland, so Nancy and I went up there to see for ourselves.  To start at the end, Nancy and I both really enjoyed our pit beef sandwiches.  The meat was tender, juicy and had a nice charcoal-grilled taste. Nancy, the slaw maven, was very big on their slaw, especially after she … Continue reading Chap’s Pit Beef – Baltimore, Maryland