Barbecue for Breakfast?

Garden and Gun has a list of what they consider the best places for breakfast in the South.

Take it with a grain 0f salt: for example, they don’t mention Waffle House.  They do mention one barbecue place – Southern Soul Barbecue  on St. Simon’s Island. This is not your ordinary barbecue place – or breakfast place, for that matter.  First, it is on St. Simon’s Island, which is pretty tall cotton.  Second, they have a non-traditional menu, with things like Cheerwine hollandaise.   And third, it doesn’t open until 11:00 a.m.   Give it a try if you’re on St. Simons’ Island and send me a comment.

For the rest of us, we can try the other places they list for breakfast. For me, the keys to a good breakfast are fresh eggs over easy, crisp bacon, and potatoes cooked in bacon fat, some sort of bread with butter.  Have ewe talked about biscuits?  I also like good corned beef hash a lot, and am on a quest to find the best.

If we are interested in barbecue for brunch, as we often are, we can just find a place that opens at 11:00.  Most do.



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