New Orleans Barbecue News

David Boyd points out barbecue news from New Orleans: a take-out barbecue shack, LA23,

LA 23 bbq

is getting a  new building with seating.

la23 expansion

As you can see, they’ve been using an offset smoker, but they will get an indoor smoker for the new location. LA23 has been getting good reviews for their brisket, which looks delicious – very juicy with a proper bark.

la 23 brisket

I suspect that the switch to an indoor smoker will be a step down, but not nearly as great as the step up to table service.  Brisket can lose flavor fairly quickly after you take it out of the smoker and the juice starts to congeal.  Taking a Five Guys burger back to the office to eat gives you a good idea of the problem.

This seems to be very good news for people who live in New Orleans, which is not a barbecue town.  The Joint gets some love, and I would love to try their chaurice: sausage is the sort of thing you know New Orleans will do well.  While it is not a barbecue town, New Orleans definitely is a food town – in my view the best city in the United States for food.  I remember Bob Popper, fresh from NYC, exclaiming “This is amazing” and “I’ve never had anything like this” at literally (to figuratively) every place we ate in New Orleans.  I expect the LA23 barbecue is close to as good as you can get with a smoker rather than a pit and, like I say, it’s a boon to local residents.

But for those of us who only visit New Orleans, I don’t see a trip to LA23 in the cards.  You just can’t get the Central Grocery muffuletta, the Domilise’s shrimp po’ boy, or the Commanders Palace shrimp and tasso – or their pecan crusted snapper – anywhere else.  It’s a great city for oysters (I’m staying out of the Felix’ vs Acme vs Drago’s vs. Casementos fight) and I can still remember the redfish crusted with crawfish I had at the Redfish Grill.  I’m starting to salivate so I’ll stop.

2 thoughts on “New Orleans Barbecue News

  1. Blue Oak in New Orleans…try it you’ll like it…number one BBQ in NOLA in my opinion…roasted brussel sprouts are the go to side.
    Eric Myhre
    Rittenhouse ST DC

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