More News from North Carolina

We have an early report on Sam Jones BBQ in Winterville, NC, just south of Greenville.    For those new to the blog, Sam Jones is the son of Pete Jones, creator of the Skylight Inn in Ayden, which the National Geographic has pronounced serves the best barbecue in the USA.  Sam has opened a big new place about five miles north of Ayden.  My nephew Jimbo Tanner and his son Jack (often thought of as the new, very much improved version of John Tanner) ate there recently.

Jack had, and enjoyed, the basic, Skylight-style tray with meat, slaw and cornbread.

jack at sam jones

Didn’t I say very much improved?

Unlike the Skylight Inn, which serves only barbecue trays like Jack ordered, Sam Jones BBQ has a pretty full menu — chicken, turkey, fried stuff, lots of sides, salads, and even fruit.

Jimbo, the family chicken expert, got the chicken, which he pronounced good but not as good as B’s, but then what chicken is as good as B’s?   He also noted that the prices are high by North Carolina barbecue standards – about $30 for lunch for two.  One of the mixed blessings of living in Washington, DC, is that $30 for a decent lunch for two seems like an incredible bargain.

I’m eager to check the place out.   We’re planning on a trip to the beach – Pine Knoll Shores – in July, and we’ll stop there on the way down or, more likely, on the way back.

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