Fincher’s, Macon, Georgia

I remember eating at the original Fincher’s back in July 1980, when I was in Georgia to determine whether we should send federal observers to some nearby counties to ensure equal treatment of all voters.  (We should have and we did.)  I recall the pilot announcing that the local temperature was 108 degrees, and that there were yellow jackets in the phone booth from which I called back into the office.  I also recall Fincher’s barbecue being good.  I never seem to have been in Macon at or near mealtime since then, worse luck.  My friend Rex Granum, who grew up just south of Macon in Warner Robins, Georgia – motto, EDIMGIAFAD *- is a huge fan of Fincher’s.  He buys their sandwiches by the carload and freezes them to eat back in DC.   I’ve been looking for an opportunity to try Fincher’s again.  In homage to Rex, I planned our trip back from Tallahassee so that we would hit Fincher’s for lunch.

Fincher’s now has several locations, and the internet rather insistently directed us not to the original, but to a newer outpost.  The original was a drive-in sort of place, which I recall well.


The one we went to is newer, but shares in the true spirit.

finchers sign

And the barbecue is good.  As the waitress points out, the barbecue plate is the best deal – enough barbecue for two sandwiches and three sides.  Considering the prices at Fincher’s, everything is a good deal, and the barbecue plates ($7.35, $8.40 for a large) are ridiculously underpriced.

I had slaw, green beans and turnip greens (which the menu laconically calls “turnips.”

finchers plate

Nancy had slaw, potato salad and a side salad.

Finchers n plate

The barbecue is quite good.  You can tell they cook with wood, and that they know what they’re doing.  The meat is moist, tender, and smoky.  Nancy was very enthusiastic, as was I.  I do think the sauce is just a touch heavy, and maybe next time I’ll get the sauce on the side to better enjoy the rich, smoky flavor of the pork.  I can see why Rex is such a fan.

The beans and greens were great, with just the right amount of pork.  The chopped turnips mixed in with the greens added a touch of sweetness that was nicely offset by the pepper vinegar.  The cole slaw was good, and I liked Nancy’s potato salad.  She prefers the potatoes to have more integrity, but she has finer sensibilities than I.

All in all, Fincher’s is a really good place for barbecue.  Stop by and get a plate.

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*Every Day In Middle Georgia Is Air Force Appreciation Day


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