Hardy’s BBQ, Bethesda, Maryland

I often pass the Bethesda Farm Women’s Cooperative Market on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda.  Farm Women are pretty scarce in Bethesda, and it actually is a flea market outside with some vendors inside, the latter selling things that came from a farm somewhere other than Bethesda.  It usually holds little interest for me, but the sight of smoke rising from a large portable grill caught my attention.

hardy's grill

The grill was an adjunct to the Hardy’s BBQ truck.  Several people seemed to be waiting eagerly for food and two were eating without ill effect.

hardy's truck

Whole chickens and ribs dominated the grill,  but I had just eaten some Luter’s Smithfield Ham, which I highly recommend, and wasn’t up to a half rack of ribs or a whole chicken.  I opted for a pork sandwich with no sauce.

The meat had a fairly fine chop with little texture.  It didn’t taste like smoke.  It didn’t taste like pork.  Even the bits of outside meat had no smoke or pork taste  It had a very odd taste that may have come from some sort of salad dressing – it was oily.  I tried it with their mustard sauce, and it tasted like oily mustard sauce.  I tried it with their hot sauce, and it tasted oily, sweet and moderately spiced.  I did not try it with the sweet sauce.   It was about as bad as a recently constructed pork sandwich can be.

The grill had a hot spot on the left over which ribs were cooking at a reckless rate, while the center and right were for slower cooking and keeping previously cooked ribs warm.  The chickens had an unhealthy hue which I believe, in all charity, to have come from a spice rub dominated by mustard powder or curry.  I do not plan to find out which.

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