Alabama Barbecue Chains

It’s NCAA tournament time so, like everyone else, has a bracket gimmick.  (CAUTION: also links to audio recordings of conversations between the governor and his, uh, aide that should not be played in front of minors.)  This particular bracket involves Alabama restaurant chains.

Pride of place, of course, goes to barbecue restaurants.  The Sweet 16 involves Golden Rule vs. Dreamland and Jim ‘N Nicks against Moe’s.  The first, Golden Rule vs. Dreamland, is an apples and oranges comparison.  Dreamland is strong on ribs and Golden Rule on pork, so you can’t really compare them.  I like all four chains, although regular readers  will recall some mis-steps by the Jim ‘N Nick’s at the Birmingham airport and at the one in Tuscaloosa after a Game Day.  The fact that a Moe’s outpost  in South Carolina made that state’s list of 100-Mile Barbecue places suggests Moe’s consistently high quality.  (I skipped the Moe’s in Panama City in our January trip, though, in order to eat at Liza’s Kitchen and to eat oysters at Hunt’s a couple of times.)  You can use Search to find reviews of all four barbecue quarter finalists.


As to the other brackets, I would have voted for Zoe’s, Wintzell’s (for their raw oysters), and Sneaky Pete’s, which has excellent chili dogs.  Some days you just need a chili dog.  Milo’s will probably win that bracket on the strength of their sweet tea.


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