Guest Post: David Tanner on SAW’s, Homewood, Alabama

My brother David posted on Facebook to help fill the gap while Nancy and I were in Europe.  Note his correction of the name of the place in my own review of SAW’s:  The name is an acronym-nickname the owner, Mike Wilson, gained in high school: Sorry Ass Wilson.

Here’s David’s post:

My brother John is headed to Europe so I am picking up the slack for him today.

SAW’s Barbecue in Homewood, Alabama, has your typical understated atmosphere, with lots of blue paper towel rolls placed everywhere so you know ribs are what they expect you to order.

I ordered the rib plate: 4 ribs, white bread, and two sides —  slaw and baked beans, which were average.   I was happy to see they had small pellet ice for the drinks which is close enough to crushed ice to improve on any soft drink or tea.

The pork ribs (why anyone orders beef ribs) were loaded with meat down both sides, with enough crispy char outside to get your marrow drive engaged.  Likewise the fat melted in your mouth without sparking any thought of avoidance.  As I gnawed on the bones I couldn’t help but imagine I was a prehistoric being gathered round a fire with my clan.

After only the first rib I knew the sides were not going to be finished, but I did finish the 4 ribs.  The pile of blue paper towels falling off the table was a testimony to the sauce (not too sweet, just enough tang)  that had made it a true rib experience.

After picking up 4 toothpicks I refilled my drink and chewed on ice for the ride home.


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