Special Mother’s Day Edition

My mother, Dear (aka Betty Sinclair Griffin Tanner), grew up in Manchester, Georgia, near Warm Springs, where she and her family had frequent contact with first Governor and later President Franklin Roosevelt.  She went to high school in Vienna, Georgia, just south of Fincher’s, and graduated as valedictorian.  Vienna, of course, is the home of the Big Pig Jig.  http://www.bigpigjig.com.  Dear graduated from the University of North Carolina, near Alan and Sons, where she met and married my father.

Dear is an outstanding cook.  She makes the best fried chicken, chicken fried steak and by far the best pan gravy I’ve ever eaten.  She’s great at everything: Roasted anything, goulash, shrimp creole, pound cake, dressing, pies, great vegetables — I remember summer vegetables with hot water cornbread as among my favorite meals.  Dear has been backwards and forwards across Europe dozens of times, and you should go to any restaurant she recommends.  Dear doesn’t cook much any more, but she still knows good food and has a connoisseur’s taste for barbecue.

Here she is at the Golden Rule

g r dear

And at Demetri’sdemetrisdear

Dear is a lover of mystery novels and the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle.  She is an altogether remarkable person and a wonderful mother.  I fly down to Birmingham to see her on Tuesday, and I look forward to taking her out for some barbecue.







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