Alabama Barbecue News From AL.Com is an online site for a consortium of once-daily newspapers in several Alabama cities.  The site focuses on football, barbecue, and Flora-Bama, site of the annual Interstate Mullet Toss. ( also has occasional stories about activities in the rest of the world.  I check it frequently.  Here are some recent stories:

First, a useful article on the debate over whether to put slaw on your pork sandwich.

There are stories about the best pork sandwiches (Not beef, not ribs, not chicken.  Only pork) in various regions of the state, as nominated by readers. (Birmingham) (Montgomery and the Black Belt) (Huntsville) (Mobile) readers show varying degrees of skill in assessing barbecue.  Since some good places weren’t nominated by the readers, added 15 more places.

And an article about places that are no longer around, including Ollie’s of Blessed Memory.

And this keeps reappearing, because everyone likes to read about ribs:

I find the abundance of information about barbecue on both inspiring and daunting.  So many barbecue places.  So little time.  And that’s just one state.

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