Jim ‘N Nick’s, Birmingham, Alabama Airport Redux

My last report on the Jim ‘N Nick’s at the Birmingham airport was quite critical of the quality of the pork.  https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/12/jim-and-nicks-in-the-birmingham-airport/.  It tasted as if it had been cooked the day before and reheated in an oven at 350, rather than warmed slowly, lovingly over a pit with lots of smoke. I’m pleased to note a marked improvement.  On my last trip, I got … Continue reading Jim ‘N Nick’s, Birmingham, Alabama Airport Redux

Paris Dining Guide 2: Near Notre Dame

Where to eat near Notre Dame?  That is a question that has puzzled tourists for decades — perhaps centuries.  There are many choices, most of them bad.  The prospects get better if you cross the river and put just a little distance between yourself and the cathedral. On the right bank, we had a couple of nice dinners at Coude Fou, on Rue Bourg-Tibourg, right … Continue reading Paris Dining Guide 2: Near Notre Dame

Barbecue Road Trip

Did I tell you that Nancy is going to Vietnam in June?  It’s another Operation Smile Trip.  She’s been to Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, the Dominican Republic (twice), Honduras, Morocco, Ethiopia, India, the Philippines, and Cambodia — I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple of places.  On each mission, they repair cleft palates, split lips and other facial problems for about 125 children and adults, and in … Continue reading Barbecue Road Trip

Alabama Barbecue News From AL.Com

Al.com is an online site for a consortium of once-daily newspapers in several Alabama cities.  The site focuses on football, barbecue, and Flora-Bama, site of the annual Interstate Mullet Toss. (http://www.al.com/news/beaches/index.ssf/2016/04/mullet_toss_underway_at_flora-.html#incart_gallery).  Al.com also has occasional stories about activities in the rest of the world.  I check it frequently.  Here are some recent stories: First, a useful article on the debate over whether to put slaw on … Continue reading Alabama Barbecue News From AL.Com

The Original Full Moon Bar-B-Que, Birmingham, Alabama

Is this a picture of Joe Dimaggio with Bear Bryant? The photo is on an obscure corner of a wall of the original Full Moon on 25th Street and 5th Avenue South in Birmingham, along with about a zillion other pictures celebrating the heroes of Alabama football and those of less exalted sports at Alabama, Auburn, and UAB. At least outside of Auburn, every barbecue … Continue reading The Original Full Moon Bar-B-Que, Birmingham, Alabama

Paris Dining Guide: 1

There are thousands of good and truly great restaurants in Paris, and many good resources for helping you decide which to try.  It can be a trick to match your preferred restaurants with the place you are staying and the various sites you are visiting.  The best resource I have found is John Talbott’s “other” blog (he does Paris by Mouth), http://johntalbottsparis.typepad.com.  Two things I … Continue reading Paris Dining Guide: 1

Site Update

I have added “tags” to most of the posts — see the “Categories” at the bottom of the home page.  Most categories are states or regions, and these will help if you are planning to travel to, say, Colorado and are looking for some good barbecue.  There also is a category for “Other Foods” and there are sundry other categories, such as “Ribs,”  “Gurus and … Continue reading Site Update

Carlile’s, Birmingham, Alabama

I went down to Birmingham Tuesday morning to see how Dear is doing.  Call it  Mother’s Day Observed.  Dear suggested barbecue for lunch, knowing, of course, that I would want barbecue.  We went to Carlile’s, on 6th Avenue South, next door to Sneaky Pete’s, one of the truly great purveyors of chili dogs. Those who were impressed by the elaborate smoke exhaust systems in Europe … Continue reading Carlile’s, Birmingham, Alabama

Where to Eat in Amsterdam Besides Pendergast

I enjoyed eating in Amsterdam.  Pendergast, or Pendergast Smokehouse if you prefer, was great -– the best barbecue in Europe.  We had a great breakfast at the hotel every day that included, in addition to the usual choices, Edam, Gouda and other Dutch cheeses (Leyden spiked with cumin seeds -– excellent!), good local pork sausages, smoked mackerel, and little pancakes (poffertjes).  All good. The Netherlands … Continue reading Where to Eat in Amsterdam Besides Pendergast

Special Mother’s Day Edition

My mother, Dear (aka Betty Sinclair Griffin Tanner), grew up in Manchester, Georgia, near Warm Springs, where she and her family had frequent contact with first Governor and later President Franklin Roosevelt.  She went to high school in Vienna, Georgia, just south of Fincher’s, and graduated as valedictorian.  Vienna, of course, is the home of the Big Pig Jig.  http://www.bigpigjig.com.  Dear graduated from the University … Continue reading Special Mother’s Day Edition