The Beast, Paris, France

I usually follow the motto, “Think globally, eat locally,” although I tend to do a lot more of the latter than the former. But in my most recent, 12-day stay in Paris I branched out to try barbecue at The Beast. My European barbecue expectations had risen since eating at the outstanding Pendergast in Amsterdam, and my pre-trip research indicated that The Beast is the best … Continue reading The Beast, Paris, France

Guest Post: David Tanner on SAW’s, Homewood, Alabama

My brother David posted on Facebook to help fill the gap while Nancy and I were in Europe.  Note his correction of the name of the place in my own review of SAW’s:  The name is an acronym-nickname the owner, Mike Wilson, gained in high school: Sorry Ass Wilson. Here’s David’s post: My brother John is headed to Europe so I am picking up the … Continue reading Guest Post: David Tanner on SAW’s, Homewood, Alabama

Pendergast, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wow! That was my reaction to my first bite of brisket at Pendergast in Amsterdam.  I was stunned by the taste, especially the taste of the crust.  I turned to Nancy and said, “This is amazing!” Nancy and I went to Pendergast largely out of a sense of duty to the Blog.   How good could barbecue be in the Netherlands?  Even the Amsterdam Tourist web … Continue reading Pendergast, Amsterdam, Netherlands