Best Barbecue Sandwich in Alabama

My good friend Bob McCurley teaches innovative courses at the University of Alabama and at Cumberland Law School, publishes law treaties, and keeps his eye out for barbecue news.  Bob shared this from, the web site that has pretty much replaced the daily newspapers in the three of the four largest cities in Alabama, and is devoted to public service.  The newshounds at decided to determine who has the best barbecue sandwich in Alabama, and they now have published the results.  Drum roll:

When you get through the slides you will find that the winner was Whitt’s, which has locations in Tennessee as well as Alabama.  As with all barbecue ratings, you can take it with a grain of sauce.  I haven’t eaten at all of the places they mention, but all of the ones at which I have eaten are really good.  I’ve never eaten at Whitt’s, but I hope to soon.

One thought on “Best Barbecue Sandwich in Alabama

  1. I return to my love for Saw’s, Homewood. We had just eaten breakfast at 10am. Looking for something to do, not eat, we stumbled across Saw’s so my Mother In law could try some local Q.

    It is the best I’ve ever had.

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