Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

From Debbie McMullen, our Senior London Correspondent, comes news of a barbecue expansion opening in the UK. The Guardian reports that there is a new barbecue place in Wales.


While the article purports to list the top 10 barbecue places in the US, the real story is that the authors, Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn, were so taken with the barbecue during a three-year tour of the South that they felt called to spread the gospel.  The result was, first, a weekly pop-up in Barry, South Wales, and now, a permanent restaurant, Hang Fire Southern Kitchen.


The menu shows that they picked up a mix of ideas at the various places they visited — white sauce from Bob Gibson’s in Decatur, Alabama; the mutton, of course, from Old Hickory BBQ in Owensboro, Kentucky; a dry rub, “Memphis Gold Dust,” inspired by Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous in Memphis; and Cajun dishes (gumbo, etc.) from Louisiana.  And they add a Welsh touch — the macaroni and cheese comes with leeks.

It may be time for a trip to Wales, my ancestral home… well, one of them, anyway.



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