Southern Living’s 2016 50 Best List

Thanks to my first cousin, Sinclair Griffin Lee of Charlotte (one of the Bill’s Barbecue Griffins) pointed out Southern Living magazine’s 2016 list of what they consider the 50 best barbecue places in the US.

I haven’t been to all of the places, but the ones I have visited are good, so the list is a handy travel reference.  (I haven’t been to the Rendezvous since Reagan was President, but I wasn’t that impressed by it then.  Maybe it’s gotten better.)  Saying they are the 50 best, however, is arrant nonsense.  No SAW’s?  No Archibald’s?

Their descriptions undermine the credibility of their list.  The picture of B’s Crackling’ Barbecue was taken of their former place, which burned down.  They have a new location.  And Stamey’s does in fact serve chicken, including chopped chicken, and Brunswick Stew.  Their failure to include photos of or from many of the places also suggests that they’re drawing from other peoples’ lists rather than from eating the barbecue.  Grady’s doesn’t have anything like a neon sign.  Sheesh.

But it’s a better than average list, and you should look at before you travel.  But check this Blog before you go.

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