How to Barbecue Pork: A Step by Step Guide: Step 2. Watching and Adjusting

After  the pork butts have been on for an hour, I always check the coals.  There’s always a hot spot on a grill, and that makes the meat cook unevenly.  I use that long fork on the table to move the coals around, and I also reposition the meat relative to the hottest areas.  That’s a serving fork sticking out of the pork.  It’s strong enough to handle a 10 pound pork butt.  My barbecue utensils are not nearly strong enough.

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From time to time I check the temperature of the grill.  I have always done that by laying the flat of my hand on the grill lid.   After a while, you know what the ideal temperature should feel like. Now I also have a grill with a thermometer on the lid, so I compare that temperature with the temperature on my hand.


If the grill feels too hot, I partially or completely close the top vents.  That limits the air supply and dampens the coals.  If it isn’t hot enough, I open the vents wider to let more oxygen in.  I guess I do this at least every half hour or so, depending on what other chores I need to do to help get ready for 60 or 70 guests, and depending on how steady the heat seems to be.


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