Recipe Time: White Barbecue Sauce

White barbecue sauce is good with lots of things.  It makes a good dip, for example, and is worlds better than ketchup with french fries.  I’ve put it on pork before.  But it’s mainly used with chicken.  Smoked chicken (as opposed to smoked turkey) usually dries out during long cooking so that it needs a sauce.  Not always, though: you can get wonderful smoked chicken at Miss Myra’s and B’s, to name a two.     There’s no sauce better on smoked or grilled chicken than white sauce.  I have never made white sauce, but when I do I’ll start and probably finish by checking out this recipe from Pat Martin of Martin’s Barbecue Joint near Nolensville, TN, via John T. Edge in Garden and Gun.  Pat Martin and John T. Edge — that’s tall cotton.  Here’s the link.

That makes a lot of sauce, and I suppose you’ll want to cut the amounts by half unless you have a big crowd coming.   I always double the garlic in any recipe, and I’d probably keep all the cayenne, but that’s just me.


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