Some Barbecue Possibilities in Virginia

UPDATE:  The best barbecue in Virginia is at South Fork in Harrisonburg.

My cousin Sinclair Griffin Lee pointed out this list of 13 top Virginia barbecue places that appeared in the blog.  I haven’t tried any of them, but I see that they don’t include Pierce’s, and that adds some credibility.  I have been meaning to try the BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, which is a couple of hours away.  It was touted in Garden and Gun.  Monk’s in Purcellville is within striking distance of DC, and it makes sense to try Allman’s in Fredericksburg, since traffic on I95 always comes to a standstill in Fredericksburg, and ducking in for some sandwiches to eat while sitting in traffic makes sense.  Nancy and I will need to go to Richmond  as part of our state capital volksmarch quest, and the prospect of both barbecue and raw oysters at the Hogshead Cafe should lure me in for a meal.

So many places, so little time.  If you’ve been to any of these, please let me know how it was.

13 Virginia Restaurants that Serve Up Unbeatable Barbecue

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