The Beefmastor, Wilson, North Carolina

It’s easy to think of dining in Wilson, North Carolina, as nothing but barbecue and biscuits (or fried chicken and corn sticks and amazing buffets and biscuits), but there’s more.  Every time we go to Parker’s (we are Parker’s people), we drive past the Beefmastor (sic), which is only open in the evening.  I remember going to the Beefmastor with Doc and Boo, many, many years ago.  It was great.  A ribeye crusted with black pepper, cooked just as I like it — that’s livin’.  They have a limited menu, sort of on the lines of Le Relais in Paris.   They do one thing and they do it right.  We did not, however, indulge in the tailgating that seems, from the Our State article below, which Sinclair Griffin Lee (who is a Bill’s person), to be a central part of the full Beefmastor experience.  We definitely need to plan a trip that involves an overnight stay in Wilson — and dinner with Boo at the Beefmastor.  Maybe she’ll give us some of her famous vegetables to take to the beach, even though we failed to visit her when we detoured to Sam Jones BBQ last trip.

No Menu? At The Beefmastor Inn, That’s No Problem.

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