The Elvis Tour

My friend Charley reminds me that tomorrow will mark “39 years since the King left the house.”  Garden and Gun offers a timely travel guide for Elvis fans, of whom I am one.

The tour includes his birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi — a plain shotgun house that I visited many years ago while on the way from Birmingham to Blytheville, Arkansas to visit my grandmother, Nannie Ruth, who, incidentally, made by far the best fudge in the world.  I don’t remember stopping at Johnny’s Drive-In, where Elvis used to eat when he was a kid, but I might well make a point of trying it next trip.  The have barbecue, apparently, but Elvis always ordered a burger (they’re stretched with flour a la the Depression and really inexpensive) with mustard and onions.

Garden and Gun doesn’t mention Coletta’s, the home of the barbecue pizza.  Elvis used to eat there.  They do mention Nick’s Cafe in Golden, Colorado, of all places.  Elvis once flew from Memphis to Denver just for a Fool’s Gold Loaf, which involves a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, and a pound of bacon.   I might stop at Nick’s next summer when we go to Vail, but I might have to settle for a gyro.  They’re supposed to be good there, and I’m pretty sure Nancy wouldn’t want to split a Fool’s Gold Loaf with me.  I need to coordinate with Eric Holland….

You can find the full Elvis tour information at, and the story of the sandwich and a recipe is at



4 thoughts on “The Elvis Tour

  1. We really didn’t think about it at the time (1973), but my wife and I took our honeymoon along the Elvis Tour (or as I like to think of it, “the Elvis Stations of the Cross). We honeymooned in Tupelo and Memphis.


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