Michael Phelps Won Because of Barbecue

Former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis coached Michael Phelps before Phelps’ final race, Phelps’ final gold medal, from a barbecue joint in Alabama.   That’s right: Phelps’ gold medal inspiration came from a barbecue joint.  Is there anything barbecue can’t do?  What a story!

But talk about shoddy journalism.  Here we have the story of the year, a link between the Olympics and barbecue, and they don’t even give the name of the barbecue place.  They do give a clue — Lewis was in Alabama taking his daughter to college.  But which college?  Yellowhammer News is a disgrace.

You can read it yourself at http://yellowhammernews.com/sports/nfl-legend-ray-lewis-coached-michael-phelps-gold-alabama-bbq-joint/.

I’m guessing Lewis was at Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, but Archibald’s is the gold medal place there.


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