Recipe Time: Pound Cake

Nancy Tanner makes the best pound cake in the world.  Her secret is following Dear’s recipe. Add, in order, to a mixing bowl and combine using an electric mixer with each addition: 3 cups of sugar 2 sticks of melted (but not microwaved) butter  Sounds good already, doesn’t it? 6 eggs, added one at a time 3 cups flour (NOT self-rising) 8 oz. sour cream … Continue reading Recipe Time: Pound Cake

Recipe Time: Nancy Tanner’s Potato Salad

Nancy Tanner makes the best potato salad in the world.  It is not so much the ingredients, which are pretty standard for potato salad.  Nothing exotic is added.  It is simply potato salad done right. Here’s what you need: 7 good-sized redskin potatoes, cut into 3/4 inch pieces 4 hard boiled eggs, chopped 1 bunch spring onions 6 ribs celery, chopped 5-6 T Hellmann’s mayonnaise … Continue reading Recipe Time: Nancy Tanner’s Potato Salad

Blue Smoke, New York, New York

Barbecue in Manhattan?  Why not?  I’ve found great barbecue in Amsterdam, of all places, at the amazing Pendergast, so why not Manhattan? Here’s what you need to know about Blue Smoke:  You should Definitely go there. Order the chicken wings.  Order a lot.  After 8:00 they are 50 cents each.  They are sensational.  Perhaps the best wings on earth. Or order the Brisket dinner and … Continue reading Blue Smoke, New York, New York

Health Food Time: Episode #1

I understand that most of my readers do not regularly read the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, or even check the website, so you may have missed “Changes in the Phytochemical Composition and Profile of Raw, Boiled, and Roasted Peanuts” and even “What are the Benefits of Eating Boiled Peanuts?” in the latter. Briefly, boiled peanuts are significantly higher in flavonoids and … Continue reading Health Food Time: Episode #1

Paris Dining Guide Special Edition: L’Ami Jean

Our Senior Paris Correspondents, Barbara Somson, Ross Eisenbrey and their daughter Becca, recently returned from Paris with a report.  They are frequent visitors to France, and Becca lived there for a while as a student — a year abroad, I think.  And they know food. They report: Our most exciting meal was at our old standby favorite, L’Ami Jean, where we had what the chef … Continue reading Paris Dining Guide Special Edition: L’Ami Jean