Fat Fella’s, Newport, North Carolina

I just got a tip from my Aunt Ann Griffin (of the Bill’s Griffins in Wilson, North Carolina), about Fat Fella’s in Newport.  Newport is just off US70 on the way to Morehead City, the beaches, and the Big Oak Drive In.  I’ve never stopped there, because the traffic is really moving at that point and usually I’ve had lunch at both Parker’s and Wilber’s, and I’m eager to get to the beach.

Aunt Ann (I usually pronounce aunt as “ant” but it’s “ont” for Aunt Ann) reports that Fat Fella’s catered a large bridge tournament luncheon and served good hickory (!) smoked barbecue and “the best fried chicken ever.”  That’s serious praise coming from someone who is used to top notch fried foods and is an excellent cook herself.  And the use of hickory rather than oak, which is commonly used in Eastern North Carolina, is exciting.

My trips to the beach are getting more and more complicated.  I like having lunch at Parker’s and a second, lighter lunch at Wilber’s, but I need to try the turkey barbecue at VC and Lenny’s King of Turkey Barbecue in Dover, https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/24/turkey-barbecue-hot-in-eastern-north-carolina/,  just a few miles from Newport, and now there’s Fat Fella’s.   That means I’d have to skip either Parker’s or Wilber’s, and that seems unlikely:  Nancy claims that I am averse to change.  Actually, I’m just averse to not eating at Parker’s and Wilber’s.  Maybe we can go on a rainy day.

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