Health Benefits of Barbecue

The health benefits of good barbecue should be obvious to everyone.   It tastes good and makes you happy, and happiness is a key to good health.  My mother, Dear, for example, has been eating barbecue her whole life.  See, e.g., Dear at Carlile’s.

And look at her today — 92years young and counting — with her granddaughter, Liza Tanner Boyd, also a barbecue fan.  And that’s after a hard weekend of partying.


In essence, eating really good barbecue combines the life of excellence and the life of physical happiness, and thus blends the Eudaimonian wellness of Aristotle and Epicurus.

The wisdom of Aristotle and Epicurus is borne out by scientific research, as those of you who follow AgriLife Today will be aware.  Researchers at Texas A&M have established that brisket is especially good for you.  See here.  Other readers may have seen the news at Wide Open, here.   (Kevin Fowler has a new album!)

Without getting too deep in the scientific weeds, brisket is, as you may recall, high in oleic acid, and eating brisket thus raises your HDLs (good cholesterol) and lowers your LDLs (bad cholesterol).  I have a relatively high consumption of barbecue, and my good cholesterol is strong while my bad cholesterol remains low.

There are other theories of healthy eating, but none is supported by both Aristotle and Epicurus.  So go get some brisket.  And some pork.


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