Dinosaur Barbecue, Syracuse, New York

While I was lounging by the pool in Palm Beach Shores (the poor section of Palm Beach) in January, I met Lou Cella.  I had on an Alabama cap — always a good conversation starter — and Lou will be instructing at a football camp in Tuscaloosa this Spring.  The conversation naturally turned to ribs.  Lou had been to Tuscaloosa before — he coaches at Lackawanna College — and he was very high on the original Dreamland on Jug Factory Road in Jerusalem Heights.  I told him he had to try Archibald’s and, returning the favor, he recommended Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse.

The recommendation impressed me the more because Lou lives in Scranton, PA, and it’s a good two hour drive from Scranton to Syracuse.  He was very exited that Dinosaur is putting a new location only an hour or so away from Scranton.  I forget where, maybe Allentown.  I can really relate to anyone who gets excited about a good barbecue place opening only an hour or so away from their home.  I would be positively giddy if a good barbecue place opened within an hour of DC.

Lou was kind enough to send me a picture.


Those are some good looking ribs.  Lou reports, “The food here was great. I took my friends here and we all enjoyed different dishes. The BBQ sauce is great and they sell it by bottle for retail. The service is fantastic, especially considering the fact that the place is packed at EVERY visit.”  I had heard good things about Dinosaur from the Breuls (you’ll remember Jon Breul as our Senior Environmental Consultant), and Lou’s recommendation firms its place on my to-eat list.

Lou is a great guy and an excellent resource on good Italian food as well as barbecue.  If you’re near Scranton, you might swing by Lackawanna College for some tips.  I sure will.




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