Pecan Lodge, Dallas, Texas

Texas Monthly rates the Pecan Lodge in the Deep Ellum section Dallas as one of the 50 best barbecue places in Texas.  Actually, with the subtlety and humility for which Texas is known, they rate it as one the 50 best barbecue places in the world, all of the top 50 being in Texas.

Our intrepid Senior Roving Reporter, Doug Jacobson (better known as the Kansas City Barbecue Maven) and his wife, Emily, our Senior Art Restoration Consultant, were in Dallas and went to the Pecan Lodge to check it out.

Doug first noted that there was a huge line for barbecue.  Emily held a place in line while Doug went to look inside, where he learned the secret of the Pecan Lodge: there are a few seats at the counter that are unconnected with the line.  Doug saw two empty seats, grabbed them, and phoned Emily.  Win.

Emily ordered a chopped brisket sandwich, which she allowed was pretty good, which is high praise indeed from Emily.  Doug ordered a two-meat platter — brisket and jalapeño sausage, with a pork rib and fried okra on the side.  Good side order.


The brisket was very good, as was the pork rib.  The jalapeño sausage was outstanding.    Friends, we are in Texas here, not DC.  Everything is smoked indirectly from a mesquite fire by someone who knows what he’s doing, and who pays attention all day long, something no one in DC does.

The counter was a friendly place, and a guy who had ordered beef ribs, which run a pound and up per rib, offered to share some.  For Doug, it was a religious experience — the meat flavorful and as tender as osso  bucco.

This is definitely a place to try if you’re in Dallas.


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