Best Restaurant in Every Alabama County

I wish this had been published before Nancy and I had spent our year and a half in Tuscaloosa., the remnants of daily newspapers in Alabama’s three largest cities, has put together a list of what they and their sources consider the best restaurant in each of Alabama’s 67 counties.  Of course, as with all such lists, there are some questionable calls, and the list does not — cannot — actually identify the place in which you’d most want to eat in each county.  That would depend on your mood and taste, and what you had been eating recently.  In Tuscaloosa County, for example, Chuck’s is a very good white tablecloth seafood restaurant, and a reasonable pick; but I’d much rather eat the best ribs in the world at Archibald’s.   Probably the main value of the list is that it offers a good place to eat in smaller, out of the way counties.  And it points out some places you’d not otherwise consider as you drove past.

Kudos to  I’d love to have comparable lists from other states.


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