LC’s Bar-B-Q, Kansas City, Missouri

Fast Eddie Ashworth, an Indian Springs high school friend, offers LC’s in Kansas City as his favorite rib place.  He warns that the sauce may not be my cup of tea, and thoughtfully advises that I get it on the side.  Very considerate.

Now Eddie lives in Baton Rouge, which is not known for barbecue, and I really respect Eddie’s willingness to travel a great distance for good ribs.  In further proof of his barbecue credibility, Eddie sent me a photo of LC’s “vault” —

LCs Kansas City

Now that looks beautiful.

Serendipitously, I have a trip to Kansas City planned under the guidance and tutelage of Doug Jacobson, the Kansas City Barbecue Maven.  This may be an extended trip.

Thanks, Eddie!



2 thoughts on “LC’s Bar-B-Q, Kansas City, Missouri

  1. Hello john tanner. Its Elvis week 2018 and the king’s 83rd birthday on 1-8. I’m making peanut butter and banana surprise with bacon made with 15 bananas. See it on scared in the kitchen/peanut butter and banana surprise with bacon. Enjoy.

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