Calypso, Pompano Beach, Florida

I heard two statements I never expected to hear when Nancy and I went to Calypso, a seafood restaurant in Pompano Beach. “That’s the best fish I’ve ever eaten.” Thus Nancy during our dinner at Calypso. “There are more important things than making money.” Thus Chuck Tenosky,. the owner of Calypso, telling us why they are closed on Saturday and Sunday.  “The people here deserve … Continue reading Calypso, Pompano Beach, Florida

Little Havana, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Continuing our survey of Cuban restaurants in South Florida, we come to Broward County, which is often in the news when things go wrong.  You may recall the creative incompetence of their elections office, although it recently has been totally eclipsed by their sheriff’s department.  More happily, Broward County is home to Fort Lauderdale.  Remember Spring Break, Where the Boys Are and the Elbow Room … Continue reading Little Havana, Deerfield Beach, Florida