Guest Blog: John Rancke on Lexington #1

Lexington #1 was a highlight of my North Carolina Piedmont Tour de Barbecue summer before last, and it also was the subject of a recent post at Coach4aday.  That’s Dan Kenney’s blog, and it’s a good one.  It first caught my interest a couple of years ago.  Dan posts every day on a given theme, such as  “A Friend of a Friend,” or “Colleges and Universities.”  For example, he spent a year posting every day about a different beer.  He recently retired from a career with UNC Pembroke, and you can read a news article and an editorial to learn a lot about the man, but then it might make you feel like an underachiever, sort of the way I feel whenever I recall that by the time he was my age, Mozart had been dead for 33 years.  You can learn a lot about people and places by reading Coach4aday.

Dan has now been joined by John Rancke, and each writes every other day.  John recently wrote about the Honey Monk, as Lexington #1 is known.  Check it out.

The North Carolina Piedmont Tour de Barbecue, by the way, included, in order, Stamey’s in Greensboro, Lexington #1, The Barbecue Center in Lexington, Red Bridges in Shelby, and Smiley’s and Speedy’s, both in Lexington.  That’s a lot of barbecue and hushpuppies in two days.*  Red Bridges was a particular favorite, in part because of the really good barbecue, and in part because of Mr. Joe Champion, who sat and ate next to me and made my day, and by the gracious and welcoming Webbs.  Really nice people.


* Do not try this without professional supervision.


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