Parker’s (Again), Wilson, North Carolina

It’s about a six or so hour drive from DC to Lumberton, North Carolina, home of the Annual Beer Snob Pig Picking.  That’s a long time to go without eating, and I was getting hungry after four hours.  Serendipitously, that was just as we were near Wilson, the home of Parker’s.  Well, not entirely serendipitously.  I planned the timing, which left use with a lot of time to kill before the Pig Picking.

As regular readers know, I had just eaten there a week or so before, but I’d only had the pork.  I owed it to myself to get some of Parker’s excellent fried chicken.  And again, we got to Parker’s at the ideal time, just before the noon rush.

Looking forward to eating my not inconsiderable weight in pulled pork in Lumberton, I opted for the small pork-chicken combination plate.

parkers combo

Well, actually, I got the small plate because it comes with dark meat.  The large plate gets you white meat.  I prefer dark meat for the simple reason that it tastes better: it never comes dried out.  And I avoided the choice between Brunswick Stew and boiled potatoes, by doubling up on the green beans.  I love Parker’s green beans.  And their corn sticks.

Nancy, also anticipating a big (for her) meal at the pig picking, limited herself to a small bowl of Brunswick Stew and some slaw.  She liked it.

Let me tell you about the chicken.  It was outstanding.  It came to the table hot.  The skin had an audible crunch, and the meat was moist, tender, and bursting with flavor.  It didn’t leave any grease spots on the plate.

Parker’s is a wonderful place to stop.  It has great food, ridiculously low prices ($6.20 — yes, six dollars and twenty cents — for my combination plate, with corn sticks and slaw!), lightning-fast service, and a warm, homey atmosphere.  If you don’t stop while driving on I95, you have only yourself to blame.


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