The Great American Barbecue Bucket List by Southern Living

My cousin Sinclair Griffin Lee, of the Wilson, North Carolina Griffins, sent me a link to Southern Living’s latest list of good barbecue places — this time, the Great American Barbecue Bucket list.  It really is great to have such nice cousins.  I wish that Sinclair and husband Eric (the Charlotte Hamburger Experts) would come visit, but I guess Eric’s free time is taken up … Continue reading The Great American Barbecue Bucket List by Southern Living

Mission Barbecue, Dover, Delaware

Nancy and I recently were to Dover to continue on our goal of 10K guided walks (Volksmarches) in each of the 50 state capitals.  We’re at 24 now.  Since I’m always on the lookout for new barbecue places,  I checked Yelp, and Mission Barbecue came up as the best local place.  Off we went, and found a mixed bag. Note:  Mission is part of a chain, one … Continue reading Mission Barbecue, Dover, Delaware

Big Tree Barbecue, East End, Grand Cayman

If you’re in Grand Cayman, you really should head out to the east end of the island and stop at the Big Tree Barbecue.  It’s a delightful place, and you can eat well there.  The Big Tree was rated # 2 among all restaurants in Grand Cayman on Trip Advisor, well ahead of star turns like Eric Ripert’s Blue, with its average entree at $119, … Continue reading Big Tree Barbecue, East End, Grand Cayman

Easy Gazpacho

We’re getting into tomato season, which means it’s time to start making gazpacho.  I like gazpacho in the summer because it takes advantage of seasonal vegetables, it’s easy to make, you don’t have to turn on the stove in the summer to make it,  and it is a cool, light, refreshing change from what some would consider excessive barbecue consumption.  It probably contains fewer calories … Continue reading Easy Gazpacho

Whole Hog Barbecue in Alabama

Barbecue in Alabama is usually a matter of pork shoulders, butts, and ribs cooked over hickory in brick pits.  There are often smoked chickens — and I particularly recommend Archibald’s and Miss Myra’s for their chicken and (everything else they cook) — and here and there a place will serve brisket.  It is rare, however, to find a place where they cook whole hogs. Well, … Continue reading Whole Hog Barbecue in Alabama

The Best Barbecue Joint in Each Southern State According to Yelp

I met Jeff Frederick at the historic 3rd Annual Beer Snob Pig Picking in Lumberton, North Carolina, back in April.  Jeff is Dean of the School or Arts and Sciences at UNC Pembroke, a noted historian, an expert on Alabama politics, and a real good guy.  He’s also an Auburn fan, which is a fine thing to be 364 days of the year.   Maybe 365 … Continue reading The Best Barbecue Joint in Each Southern State According to Yelp